Mary Jane 'Lily' Muir Robert Douglas Muir M.D. Edith Mary Muir, née Barnes George and Caroline Barnes Grace Georgina Thornton Muir Arthur Thomas Muir Giovanna Eliza Were, née Thomas
The Fourth of October, 1899. The marriage of Robert Douglas Muir M.D. & Edith Mary Barnes
The building behind is believed to be The Limes, just off New Cross Road, South London. It was already owned by my grandfather Robert Muir and from this date became the family home. This wedding photograph appears to have been taken in a side street, against the high brick wall which was the boundary of the property, with the photographer standing on the opposite pavement. A temporary marquee can be made out over the path leading to the front door. Presumably this was part of the reception arrangements.
This page provides and entry into all the pages about my family history. Several of the people in the wedding photograph will eventually feature, but to start with you will find the histories of Robert's great grandfather, grandfather, father and associated wives and children. The links to those pages are below left. Below right is a list of links to PDF documents mostly relevant to my family history. There are also links to them from the relevant positions in the family history pages. The names in the graphically displayed family tree page also link to the relevant history pages.
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(Thomas Muir of Huntershill)
Graphically displayed family tree
George Muir Snr. c1774–1828
   George Muir Snr. Page Two
George Muir Jnr. 1813–1868
   George Muir Jnr. Page Two
   George Muir Jnr. Page Three
Ellen Muir c1815– ??
George William Muir 1838–1883
   George William Muir Page Two
   George William Muir Page Three
   George William Muir Page Four
   George William Muir Page Five   — NEW
Thomas Douglas Muir 1848–1881  — NEW
Robert Douglas Muir 1869–1914
Arthur Thomas Muir 1881–1965  — NEXT
Other branches to come:
Dr. Joseph Thomas c1769–1843
Charles Schomberg Thomas 1803–??
Elizabeth Raby Minotto ??–1859
PDF files in new browser:
George Muir Jnr. lunacy papers
HMS Albion, officers, muster, Oct-Dec 1853
HMS Racer, muster, 17.06.1868
HMS Iron Duke, census return, 1881
Royal Naval Hospital Haslar, census return, 1881
GRO (England &Wales) Muir deaths 1880-99
Family names which I am currently researching or which appear in our family history:
Adams, Barnes, Bloomfield, Brine, Butler, Cheverton, Cortanche, de Ste Croix, Doig, du Parcq, Edny, Estur, Eveleigh, Evitt, Ewen, Farr, Feldon, Fenton, Fondan, Gainer, Gibault, Guillaume, Harrison, Hempleman, Hicques, Jackson, Jenne, Le Gallais, Le Moignan, Le Vavasseur, Lerrier, MacNab, Mallet, Malone, Messervy, Minotto, Muir, Nicolle, Palmer, Perrey, Pixley, Pratchett, Praul, Raby, Rawkins, Regnault, Renouf, Roissier, Scott, Seddon, Slade, Tennent, Thomas, Thoreau, Vautier, Warden, Way, Were, Whelch, White, Willis, Wood, Woods, Wrigley.
Family names with no direct or marital connection, in which I am interested:
Adam, Ball, Barff, Blair, Bulwer, Christian, Coleridge, Elmhirst, Green, Lane, Law, Lear, Lushington, Mackenzie, MacPhail, Murray, Parish, Parsons, Prescott, Schomberg, Sebright, Storks, Stovin, Tennyson, Thornton, Trollope, Urmston, Villettes, Ward, Wodehouse, Wrench, Young.
The names of officers who served in the Naval Brigade in the Crimean War. If you are related to any of these men and have not previously contacted me, please do! The names are as the appear in the Navy Lists:
Richard Ramsay Armstrong, Henry Arnot MD, Matless Gledhill Autey, William James Baird MD, John Barker Barnett, Oswald Borland, John Borlase, George Stanley Bosanquet, John Traill Urquhart Bremner MD, William Henry Bridge, Robert Francis Briscoe, Philip Brock, James Richard Greenaway Browne, Thomas Thelwall Bullock, William Farquharson Burnett, John Clarke Byng, William Alfred Cambier, Colin Andrew Campbell, Hon. Randolph Alfred Capel, Daniel Carter, John Halliday Cave, John Hanbury Chads, Richard Percy Chapman. George Twistleton Colvile, John Robert Deane Cooper, John Cotton MD, Richard William Courtenay, Michael Culme Seymour, Edward Henry Hughes D'Aeth, Osborne William Dalyell, Edward St. John Daniel, Hugh Davis, Arthur Joseph Day, Charles Thomas Dench, Archibald Alexander Douglas, William Henry Douglas, William Montagu Dowell, George Frederick Augustus Drew, Daniel John Duigan MD, William Duirs MD, Arthur Edward Dupuis, Edward Higgon Evans MD, William Evans MD (b), John Guy Courtenay Evered, Hon. George Fitzclarence, John Matthew Forster, Thomas Lovette Gaussen, Frederick William Gough, James Stanley Graham, Francis Grant Suttie, George Herbert Harris Greathed, Frederick William Hallowes, Mark Hamilton MD, Lacon Ussher Hammet, John Bradley Harbord, Edward Hardinge, Hugh Hathorn, Lord John Hay, Charles Augustus Hayward, William Nathan Wrighte Hewett, Francis Hewson, John Hill, Henry Schank Hillyar, Henry William Hire, Prince Victor of Hohenlohe, Henry Lowe Holder, Thomas Hooper, Edward George Hore, Hon. Cavendish Bradstreet Hore Ruthven, Henry Francis Hovenden, James Edward Hunter, Ahmuty Irwin, Charles Keats Jackson, James Jenkins MD, Gabriel Johnston, Thomas Heberden Karslake, Andrew James Kennedy, John James Kennedy, William Robert Kennedy, Hon. Henry Keppel, Thomas Osborne Kidd, George St. Vincent King, Charles Ritchie Kinnear MD, St. Vincent David Lake, William FitzJames Legh, Frederick Robert Glyndwr Llewellyn, Stephen Lushington, Horatio Lawrence Arthur Lennox Maitland, Henry Theodore Marsden, Cecil Edward Martyn, George Mason, Henry Wentworth Mist, Alfred Mitchell, Charles Cecil Mitchell, William Moorsom, William Moriarty, Richard Morris, George William Muir, Hon. Maurice Horatio Nelson, Francis Martin Norman, John Norris Norman, Radulphus Bryce Oldfield, Francis Metcalfe Ommanney, Charles Frederic Palmer, George Parsons, William Luke Partridge, Thomas Malcolm Sabine Pasley, Edward Pearce, George Spotswood Peard, William Peel, Henry Legge Perceval, Samuel Pritchard, Henry James Raby, George Granville Randolph, William Verner Eliakim Reynolds, George Agar Ellis Ridge, Rev. James Stuart Robson, Henry Rogers, William Nicholas Rowe, William Melancthon Sanctuary, Isaac Newton Thomas Saulez, Henry Donaldson Selby, William Derenzy Donaldson Selby, Charles Stukely Shuckburgh, Gordon Cornwallis Sinclair, William Richard Edwin Smart MD, Ferdinand Henry Solly Flood, John Henry Upton Spalding, Hon. Archibald St. Clair, Arthur Charles Steele, Rev. Samuel Kelson Stothert, Ernest Augustus Travers Stubbs, Robert Hepburn Swinton, Rev. Josiah Thompson, Sackville William Henniker Thompson, Samuel Philip Townsend, George Tryon, John Collier Tucker, Samuel Twyford, William Brabazon Urmston, John Wallace MD, John Ward MD (b), Logie Augustus Whimper, Edward Henry Wilkinson, Arthur Wilmshurst, Joseph Edward Maitland Wilson, William Leyland Wilson, Edwin Wise, Henry Evelyn Wood.